GCM Co-editing (the Global Compact on Migration)

On the sidelines of the current GFMD – Global Forum on Migration and Development meeting in Agadir, Morocco (focused on solutions for children and migrant youth), we are opening up the latest draft of the GCM – Global Compact on Migration for public review and commenting.

We encourage you to join this effort, offer suggestions, highlight possible solutions, and contribute ideas that could be helpful for this process. We will be sure to pass the comments and updated draft along to people who are involved in the GCM process at a high level.

As noted on the first page of this collaborative editing document:

We are committed to having this process be as open and inclusive as possible. That being said, we also insist on having a dialogue of respect and positivity as we deal with these complex issues.

People who say inflammatory or prejudicial comments will be removed this document.

The document is visible at this link. If you want to join as a collaborative editor / commentor, please fill out the form below and you will be added shortly. 

Your email will not be shared beyond use for this document, however Google Documents may show your identity and email to other document contributors and viewers.

Please share your thoughts here, or contact us at: migration (at) altcity.me

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