Migration Innovation

We’ve been working since summer 2018 with the Business Mechanism of the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) to explore ways to enhance innovation activities in the GFMD process, and related to migration issues, and to jointly launch a “Migration Innovation Lab”.

The purpose of this intervention is to highlight ways technology and innovative enterprises can support efforts of governments, migration and other relevant agencies, and the GFMD process itself in addressing the diverse challenges in the migration sector. We will specifically include and respond to core issues brought up in the Draft of the Global Compact on Migration, which already highlights some core areas where technology and innovative solutions can be leveraged to help address challenges in the migration context. We will endeavor to engage as possible with other aspects of the GFMD process, including with the Co-Chairs Morocco and Germany, and various other partners, to build stronger links between technology and innovation efforts and public sector efforts by the GFMD and others.

Three pillars of the intervention: 

  1. Enhancing use of technology and innovation within government efforts to address migration-related challenges;
  2. Enhancing public sector engagement with and improved public frameworks for private sector innovation related to migration-related challenges; and
  3. Enhancing use of innovation and technology within the GFMD process itself.

The broader purpose of this intervention is to enhance the positive contributions of technology and innovation, and mitigate the negatives, and to provide concrete and actionable interventions related to the use of technology and migration-related challenges. This effort also seeks to bring young entrepreneurs and innovators from around the world to showcase how innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship can help address migration-related topics. The end goal is to help countries globally, and relevant agencies and international processes, further engage with technology and innovation for positively addressing relevant challenges. Lastly, we think it is important to stress the importance of the public sector in engaging with and becoming active in technology and innovation efforts, to ensure a strong voice and role of the public sector as technology and innovation becomes ever more powerful across all sectors and aspects of life. The best solutions will be found when we effectively engage all relevant parties, including the public sector, international organizations, third sector / non-profit organizations, academia, and the private sector.

If you are interested in further information on this effort, or exploring ways to partner or collaborate on this, please contact us at: migration (at) altcity.me