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We deeply believe in collaboration, and enjoy supporting more than being supported.

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If you’re inclined to support our efforts, we appreciate support of various types:

Volunteers give us the gift of wisdom, thoughtfulness, assistance with our work, connections to their community, and most importantly, some of their precious time.

Those who have a helpful product or service enable us to do more with limited resources, while connecting to their community and experience.

Those who are inspired to offer financial support enable us to do more, sustain our team, improve our technologies and tools for improved impact and efficiency, and pass on financial support to others, often with capacity building support.

Have an idea? Let’s talk.

Drop us a line: together (at) altcity.me

(Note: We’re transitioning from the name AltCity Impact NGO to Pitchworthy.org. As of now, our Lebanon organization is still called “AltCity Impact NGO”, and our US affiliate, which accepts 501c3 donations, is called “Pitchworthy.org USA”. We’ll provide updates here as the change progresses.)

If you’re inclined to support financially, … thank you.

DONATE NOW (tax deductible in the US)

(via credit card or bank transfer with our Pitchworthy.org USA affiliate NGO, in partnership with GVNG; tax deductible 501c3 donation in the US)

DONATE NOW (in Lebanon and globally)

(Please contact us: together (at) altcity.me )